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Four Essential Skincare Tips for Summer


In the summertime, there are endless reasons to get outside and enjoy some sun. Whether you love to ride bikes around town or just lay around the pool, it’s key to understand some basic skincare tips that will protect you before, during, and after long periods of time under the sun.

Short-term damages such as sunburns and dehydration can make any week less enjoyable, but more important are the potential long-term consequences. Excessive sun exposure has been linked to an increased chance of skin cancer. Studies show that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their life, and too much sun certainly can contribute to this alarming figure.

However, by sticking to some tried-and-true methods of skincare protections, these risks can be mitigated and the summer sun enjoyed without the worry of harmful effects clouding your day. 

Hydrate your skin before and after sun exposure

It’s tempting to think that after applying a little sunscreen your skin is safe for the whole day and all you need afterward is perhaps a quick shower to cool down.

However, this simply isn’t the case. Prolonged sun exposure tends to dry skin out on a deep tissue level, but by keeping hydration levels high, this effect can be minimized. Of course, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential to establish a healthy hydration level for the whole body. In the peak of summer heat though, it never hurts to give your skin some additional tools and support.

Skincare products like Skin-Lasting and Skin Repair Rx were formulated by dermatologists who know precisely what cracked and dry skin needs to become healthy once more. These solutions function as both a targeting moisturizer and hydration system for problem areas of the skin. Both can be applied as either a spray or a lotion in a fragrance-free formula that will not upset those with sensitive skin, which make them an easy addition to any skincare routine.

Particularly noteworthy within these products is the “moisture lock-in” feature. This, when used in conjunction with traditional sunscreen, means your skin will stay safely hydrated beneath the protective layer for hours at a time without draining you of moisture. 

If this kind of one-two skincare combo sounds like something you’d like to try this summer, then find and visit the Community Pharmacy location nearest you by clicking here. All these products and more can be found there, along with staff knowledgeable about what would pair best with your needs. 

Be mindful of the UV rate

The ultraviolet (or UV) rays of the sun are measured as a UV rate, which fluctuates based on both the season and time of day. The UV rate can be understood as how intense the sun’s rays are at any given time. This metric allows an individual to understand the level of sun exposure risk and then safely plan around it.

This number, normally between one and ten, can commonly be found on any weather reporting application. Here’s a full breakdown of the system, but the main points to understand are as follows:

  • 0-2 Low 
  • 3-7 Moderate to High 
  • 8+ Very High 

Typically the UV rate hits its peak a little after noon and steadily drops from there. If you decide to venture outside in the early afternoon when the UV rate is quite high, your protection must be up to the task of handling the higher UV rate. On the other hand, going outside in the morning or early evening doesn’t carry these same risks since the UV usually hovers in the lower range at these times.

It’s important to understand here that UV rate doesn’t necessarily coordinate to heat. If you plan to escape the heat this summer by going up into the mountains, even if the temperatures are cooler, the UV rate can be just as high despite the cooler weather. 

Plan your outdoor activities with UV protection in mind, and you’ll have a better understanding of when and for how long you can safely stay out in the sun.

Give your skin regular breaks and self-care support

Even with all the right moisturizing and UV protection tools on hand, sometimes the best thing you can do for your skin is to simply let it rest and recover.

When it comes to pacing sun exposure, it’s best to not absorb multiple days in a row of heightened UV exposure. This is important especially earlier in the summer before the skin has a chance to adapt and is particularly vulnerable to becoming burned or damaged. Even just a day or two between high sun exposure days can make a world of difference, especially when this time is spent in self-care recovery.

Along with the previously moisturizing products that should be applied daily, on these rest days, exfoliating the skin in summer can be a powerful routine to keep the skin healthy. Gentle exfoliation scrubs can help clear away burnt or old skin cells, which if left unchecked, can clog and damage delicate skin pores. 

Having the right tools on hand is just one part of the summer skincare puzzle alongside UV information and pacing. Once you feel like you have a handle on them all, it’s just a matter of remembering and putting it all into practice.

Don’t forget skincare for the feet

Most people think of protecting their shoulders, face, and arms first and foremost when it comes to UV protection, and unfortunately, the feet don’t always receive the same kind of attention.

The skin of the foot differs from that elsewhere in the body. It’s typically a bit more coarse due to so much direct contact with the ground. While this thicker skin is great to deal with different surfaces, it also means that the feet require specialized support that differ from general skincare products. When this area fails to receive proper skincare support, it can become dried, cracked, and burned, severely limiting mobility and the ability to enjoy summer.

In response to these unique needs, dermatologists have designed products just for the foot and heel. Brands such as Flexitol make a two-in-one moisturizer and exfoliator, Heel Balm, specifically for the feet. Users typically see results within just one day after application and are rewarded with soft and smooth feet.

Having healthy feet is essential to enjoying summer, as without them one isn’t likely to get too far from home. Find the right tools for your summer skin care at your nearest Community Pharmacy.

Skincare in summer doesn’t need to be expensive and difficult but does require a little research and application. Once you understand the main risks, and how to counter them with UV protection tools and routines, then you’ll be all set to safely absorb and bask in the warm summer sun for months to come. 


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