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Benefits for Providers

Benefits for Providers

We offer an easy prescribing process and proactive support for physicians and staff. Our goal is to save you time and money so you can have more time to care for your patients. Prescriptions can easily be sent via Fax, Telephone and E-Scripts.  


  • Obtain rapid access to difficult and time-sensitive prescriptions. We hold inventory for your practice and offer just-in-time delivery when you need it. Save money with lower inventory costs while retaining access to needed medications. 


  • Prior authorization assistance to simplify the insurance process. Our expert staff helps you easily navigate the authorization process, freeing up your staff from spending hours on the phone.*


  • We educate and consult with your staff/patients on difficult prescriptions. 


  • Adherence programs to coordinate medications ensure a high standard of care and help optimize metrics.


  •  Innovative technology to efficiently and accurately fill prescriptions.

*In accordance with industry standards, all prior authorizations are to be completed by the prescribing provider.  

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