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Medicare Part D Plan Reviews

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage)

The annual enrollment period for Medicare Part D, known as Open Enrollment, is October 15th through December 7th each year. Medicare Part D enrollment is a confusing process, and many aspects may change year-to-year:

– Patient’s maintenance medications
– Patient preference
– Plan formulary medications

Did you know that insurance plans can change year-to-year? They know patients typically opt to stay in their plan because it worked well for them the prior year, but they can increase their prices the following year and change the medications previously covered! Don’t get stuck in a plan that is no longer right for you or your loved one.

Community Pharmacy helps patients and caregivers navigate through the confusing process of Medicare Part D Open Enrollment season by offering personalized Medicare Part D reviews. You can schedule an appointment with our expert pharmacist to receive some comparable options and the education to empower your decision.

Benefits of Medicare Part D reviews:

– Patients/caregivers feel more confident choosing a Medicare Part D plan
– Patients save by choosing a more affordable plan
– Patients are able to continue receiving their prescriptions at Community Pharmacy

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