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Medication Made Easy – Introducing Med Sync

Med Sync

In today’s busy world, handling multiple prescriptions can feel a bit like juggling, and health is never something with which you want to risk dropping the ball. If you take regular prescription medication, then it’s essential to find a routine that works for both your health and schedule.

That’s why we here at Community Pharmacy are proud to introduce Medical Synchronization (also known as Med Sync), an easy-to-use program that simplifies everything you need to make one stop to the pharmacy per month and understand your prescription medications on a deeper level.

Currently, 86% of America’s total health care is spent on treating chronic illnesses annually, yet only one in two patients take their medication correctly. Pharmacists across the country hope to resolve this disconnect through the Med Sync programs. These make access more routine and standardized, while also increasing the pharmacist-patient dialogue to cement understanding on both sides.

Aside from saving time, this program is also 100% free for patients to set up and use. Synchronizing all your monthly prescriptions has never been easier than it is today.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you or your loved ones, then just click here to get started or speak with your local Community Pharmacy team member for more details.

What is Med Sync?

The American medical system can be quite a difficult one to navigate, and programs like Med Sync were created to improve medication adherence and ensure quality care continues for patients of all backgrounds and needs. Med Sync aims to make information and access as easy as possible for patients.

Med Sync allows patients or families with multiple prescriptions to pick them all up simultaneously on a single, convenient day each month. This saves countless hours of transit time for patients, while still giving them the same medication they need to alleviate chronic illness.

The program also promotes setting at these pick-up times a brief consultation with a pharmacist. These meetings give the time and space necessary for the experts to advise patients on how best to hold to their medication regimen, and answer any questions they might have about the purpose or effects.

Prescription medications are the most cost-effective means of treating chronic illness, and pharmacists remain the most accessible and trusted medication experts in the field. The Med Sync program bridges the tools and knowledge of both in one convenient stop and can help make life a little easier for individuals and families of all types.


Who Does Med Sync Best Serve?

The Med Sync program functions best with those who have multiple prescription needs for either themselves or loved ones who live with them.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with errands throughout the week, then the best way to save time and add some efficiency to your schedule is by batching frequent stops. That’s precisely what Med Sync does for people, and as a free program, there’s zero risk in giving it a try today.

An entire family’s worth of prescriptions can be grouped and picked up in one tidy appointment rather than several throughout the month. This makes Med Sync ideal for large families or those acting as caregivers for aging adults or young children.

Even individuals looking to save time and add efficiency to their monthly prescription schedule can benefit from incorporating Med Sync into their lives. Making convenience and medication adherence the norm is the ultimate goal of the program, and it takes only a few minutes to begin.

If you feel like such a program would be helpful in your life, then just click here to get started on the simple set-up process.


What are the Benefits of Med Sync

While convenience and saved time are immediate benefits of utilizing the Med Sync program, even more value comes from the communication with pharmacists and the proven increase in medication adherence.

With many medications, consistency is key to bring about the desired effects. Med Sync patients are 2.5x times more likely to stick to their prescribed medications, and 21% less likely to discontinue their use. Inconsistent administration of otherwise safe medication can cause issues for some and is best avoided whenever possible.

More standardized medical adherence improves health outcomes for patients, which ultimately leads to lower healthcare costs as the targeted issues can be more readily addressed.

A once-a-month appointment with a pharmacist increases the level of care a patient receives, and their trust and understanding in their medication. This minimizes the chance of disruption and helps them reach their health goals more readily. Reducing calls, trips, and wait times at pharmacies and hospitals are all just further icing on the cake.

Reducing transit time and increasing the overall level of care are just some of the immediate benefits of Med Sync. Additional value lies in the stronger relationship built between pharmacist and patient, a relationship built over months and years that yields positive effects for both.


Make Med Sync Work for You Today

Chronic illness is something that affects us all eventually, whether it be to yourself personally or to a family member. Luckily, there’s never been a wider or more effective medical arsenal at the public’s disposal to combat these issues. Speaking with your physician is just one step along the path to better health, and forming a strong relationship with your local pharmacy through programs like Med Sync is another.

At Community Pharmacy, we truly want what’s best for our patients, even if that means fewer visits to see us. Make getting your prescriptions as easy as possible to increase convenience and lower costs all at once with just a few simple clicks.

Ready to get started on your Med Sync Journey? It won’t take more than a few minutes to get things up and running, and before you know it, you’ll have more time on your hands than ever with your prescription pick-ups automated each month.

You can learn more and sign up for Med Sync today through this link, and make your prescription medication easier to manage than ever.

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