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Tips for Traveling with Medication

Traveling with medication

Summer is an ideal time to travel, and no matter where you are going, packing the medication you need is essential to enjoying your break from routine.

Before you hit the road though, it’s worth taking the time to ensure your prescriptions are prepared to make the journey with you. Whether you have a specific condition that requires daily support or just want to be prepared in case of an emergency, a solid travel medication strategy helps protect not just your health but peace of mind. 

There’s no guarantee that your destination will have a fully stocked pharmacy easily accessible, but by forming a medication packing plan, you can relieve any worries about what lies ahead.

If you have questions about types of travel medication that could be useful for your destination, prescription refills, or general questions, then contact the Community Pharmacy today, and we will be happy to make recommendations that match your needs.

Keep Medication Organized, Safe, and Accessible


While time on the road will certainly shuffle things around within your bag, having a set plan of organization helps reduce the likelihood of an item becoming lost or forgotten in transit. 

For medication, it’s helpful to have a designated bag or case that acts as the home base for all health-related items. A distinct color, such as red or blue, can act as an easy visual identifier when packing and unpacking your medicine.

Whether your medicine comes in pill, liquid, or cream form, one of the main dangers while traveling is the content becoming crushed. This risk can be offset with a hard shell case or placing your medicine container near the top of your bag, also making it more accessible should it be necessary for an emergency.  

If your travel plans involve flights, then it’s best to keep your medication within your carry-on should your checked luggage become delayed or lost. You can bring medically required liquids in carry-on bags over 3.4 ounces, but you must inform the officer at the checkpoint and they may need to inspect the container. It is best practice to carry these in a bottle with a prescription label.

For a full breakdown of how to fly with medicine, consult the full TSA guidelines on the subject to remove any risks.

Bring Prescriptions & Notes (especially abroad)


When traveling, it’s important to maintain a steady prescribed medication intake routine and have all your documentation on hand to avoid complications. Doctor’s notes, prescriptions, or other documentation can be useful should your bags be inspected or if you need more medication while in transit.

It’s helpful to have document redundancies in case the originals go missing or become damaged. Having digital copies on your devices and physical copies throughout your luggage gives you additional layers of security that can save you considerable time and hassle should they become necessary.

For those who are traveling abroad, it’s worth taking the time to research what medications are allowed and prohibited in your destination, and even layover countries, as this can vary considerably around the world.

If you are unsure about what you are allowed to bring, then give our team a quick call and we can clarify what types of medication are safe and permitted to travel with.

Set Additional Medication Reminders


There are few things as stimulating as travel, and it’s incredibly easy for healthy habits and routines to fall to the wayside within this excitement.

While this is to be expected to some degree, maintaining your regular medication intake timing is important to maintaining a high level of health. Set reminders in your phone or computer, adjusted for the time change between your original and end destination, to give you an additional safety net that automatically alerts you on medication timing and quantity.

Travel can provide us with invaluable relief from our day-to-day life, and inspire and challenge us on multiple levels within just a few days. Before you leave home though, take the time to develop a travel medication strategy, so you can then fully enjoy and embrace the new scenery around you.


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