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How to Select the Right Primary Care Physician for You!

Who you pick as your primary care physician matters on multiple levels as there’s a direct link between having one and increased life expectancy. Before you make a decision however, there are several angles you should consider.

Finding the right physician and staying with them over the years allows familiarity to grow as they learn your unique medical needs. This knowledge comes in handy to help your doctor catch early signs of diseases and infections, recommend lifestyle changes, and make referrals to other trusted medical specialists when necessary.

If you are looking to establish such a relationship, then here’s a guide to help you define how best and when to begin.

As always, if you have any questions about what exactly you should be looking for from a primary healthcare physician, or would like specific recommendations for your case, then contact Community Pharmacy today.

Our trained staff is happy to provide feedback and directions that lead you to the ideal fit for your needs.


Identify Your Needs and Research

Before you start making calls and writing emails, it’s helpful to stop and think about what you are looking for in a primary care physician.

Contributing factors to consider are their public-facing reviews, proximity to your house, and perhaps most importantly, whether or not they are covered within your insurance network. This last aspect is critical so you don’t end up having to cover additional costs out of pocket unnecessarily.

If you know you have specific health problems, then it can be helpful to find primary care physicians who have experience in those fields. By outlining your needs, doing a little research, and finding what options best align with your needs, you can be well on your way to finding the right fit.


Ask Qualified Experts

Once you narrow down the field by identifying needs and basic research, it can then be helpful to ask medical experts for referrals. If you are switching physicians due to a move, ask your previous doctor who they might know and recommend in your new area.

At Community Pharmacy, we have an extensive network of qualified physicians throughout the area. Contact us via phone or email explaining your situation and needs, and we can make recommendations based on your unique situation and needs.


Schedule a Consultation

Most medical clinics offer a trial consultation, and this can be a great way for patients and physicians to initially meet to get a feel for one another.

After setting an appointment, you can outline a short list of questions and concerns to ask the physician. If the consultation meeting goes well and you feel confident about your choice, you can then be all set with your new primary care physician moving forward!


The Power of Primary Care

Consistency matters with healthcare, as having one point of contact for all your baseline medical needs makes getting treatment and medicine both faster and easier.

Establishing a primary care physician doesn’t just give peace of mind should a medical emergency occur, but also provides an important source of knowledge for minor issues that invariably come up from time to time.

Once you have a primary physician that you feel good about, then all the benefits of a healthy patient-doctor relationship will soon follow.

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